Albufeira SEF boss to undergo trial on suspicion of passive corruption

SEF chief allegedly received money to speed up residency procedures

The chief of the regional delegation of SEF (borders and foreigners agency) in Albufeira will undergo trial on suspicion of passive corruption after having allegedly received money in 2018 to “facilitate residency authorisation procedures”.

In a statement to the press, the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced that the 61-year-old man is accused of two crimes of passive corruption, while the foreigners who paid him to speed up their residency authorisations, aged 44 and 24, are accused of active corruption.

The crimes date back to June and July 2018, when Albufeira’s SEF chief is said to have received money from the two men “illicitly, always outside working hours and at his office.”

In the case of the older foreign man, the SEF boss is believed to have received an “unquantified amount of money to schedule and facilitate his wife’s residency authorisation,” while the other man is accused of paying him €200 to “prioritise” his residency procedures.

“The money paid did not include taxes, fines or fees owed in residency authorisation procedures and were pocketed by the ‘arguido’ (suspect) for personal gain,” the Public Prosecutor’s Office adds.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]