Albufeira security

Dear Editor,

I used to be a frequent visitor to Albufeira, staying at the Da Aldeia hotel on many occasions, plus renting apartments for longer stays of up to four months sometimes. 

However, I have become very put off from visiting the place again with all the offers to buy drugs/cigarettes or getting pestered to buy some time share or other. 

Surely the police would be better deployed going undercover to arrest these people. I have seen with my own eyes the police being on The Strip and nowhere to be seen are the drug pushers!

You will see the same ones “hacking their wares” in the old town part of Albufeira the days they are not on The Strip. I feel not enough is being done to curtail this practice. 

Although I love the Algarve and especially the people, I will not be going back to Albufeira again. It’s too dangerous at nighttime. I see a steady increase in the amount of “hackers” on the streets and no police around. 

Neil Cormack, by email