Albufeira roundabout remembers Age of Discoveries

A roundabout at the main entrance to Albufeira has been embellished with a sculpture made out of steel, sheet metal and fibreglass, materials typically used in shipbuilding, thus representing the Age of Discoveries.

The spirit of the heroic and adventurous Portuguese navigators is represented by the structure, which takes the name of the avenue that the roundabout intersects, Descobrimentos (Discoveries).

The main element of the sculpture is a sail with the cross of the Knights Templar on two globes representing the continents before and after the Discoveries, showing the routes taken by the Portuguese navigators.

A caravel, the North Star and the cardinal points complete the sculpture.

A spokesman for Albufeira Câmara said: “This sculpture is intended to beautify this roundabout and to honour the Portuguese discoverers. I think the entrance to the city is now a whole lot more noble.”