Albufeira Old Town

Dear Editor,

I have been coming to Albufeira for the last 20 years, two or three times a year, and think of it as a second home.

I know so many lovely people and don’t want to stop coming, however, something needs to be done about the stag parties ruining the old town.

They are loud, intimidating, and don’t care about the mess they leave behind.

Many of my friends who also make trips every year feel the same and can’t understand why the police let this go on.

Families are now keeping away and whilst the pubs and bars may be making money, it won’t go on when the stag parties move on to a new resort, but the regulars will also move on unless this stops.

I have written to Albufeira 365, who share my concerns.

The old town is being ruined and has become a no-go area.

Anne Reid
By email