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Albufeira noise levels to be monitored

Albufeira’s main streets, including the areas that contain many restaurants and bars, are to be monitored for noise levels.

The study, which is being carried out by Albufeira Câmara, aims to identify problem areas to enable the council to improve the quality of life of residents, respect the surrounding environment and to promote sustainable development.

Restaurants and bars in the study area will have a sound limit imposed that should not be exceeded.

Albufeira Councillor José Sequeira said: “The noise should not be a nuisance for the population. “We are counting on the collaboration and goodwill of all business owners to find a solution for this problem.”

When the sound tests have been finished, the municipality will coordinate monitoring actions between June and September.

The establishments that do not comply with the limits set will be fined and restrictions to their opening times imposed. Fines will range from €500 to €25,000 and could include the temporary closure of establishments.