Albufeira mother “desperate” over missing son

With a 16-year-old youth still missing in Maia, a 54-year-old single mother has resorted to social media to try and find her missing son, 20-year-old João Figueira.

The situation is doubly worrying as João is not just a recovering drug addict, but he has problems with epilepsy and is apparently in need of psychological treatment.

The last time his mother claims to have seen him is Tuesday February 7 – coincidentally, the same day Maia teen Hugo Oliveira went missing in Maia (click here).

Anabela Valente told tabloid Correio da Manhã that João left home on a bicycle around 1.30pm and said he would be home later for a snack.

When he did not return, his mother says she presumed her son had gone to see his father, in nearby Ferreiras – but the next day, she realised that he hadn’t.

“I just want him to come back”, she told the paper. “I am the best person to help him”.

Says CM, João had recently returned from staying with his brother in Holland where he took part in a drug rehabilitation programme.

The programme had some results, said his mother, but it was clear João still needed some psychological support.

GNR police have been informed, while friends on social media ask anyone who sees João to get in touch

The photo on the missing person’s poster is João a year ago, at a time when his mother describes him as “happy”. He has since grown more hair and his beard is longer.

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