Albufeira invests in local tourism

Albufeira Câmara signed a protocol with the Albufeira Promotion Agency (APAL) on April 5 in a bid to improve promotion of the city as a tourist destination for both national and international tourists.

The agreement involves a council grant of around 120,000 euros, which will be used by the agency to promote Albufeira’s potential “more effectively”.

In recent years, marketing campaigns by Albufeira Câmara and APAL have allowed them to reach new markets, particularly Spain, where Albufeira has worked in partnership with the cities of Seville and Vigo.

Albufeira Mayor Desidério Silva said: “The next challenge for Albufeira council and APAL is to develop commercial contacts with Nordic cities.”

The Mayor also announced that in May, the câmara would be announcing its summer programme while saying that it was also planning “an innovative campaign to boost tourism in the low season”.

As an appeal to local business owners, Desidério Silva said: “Please do not close restaurants and hotels for holidays at the end of the year or otherwise we have been wasting money and effort for nothing.”

APAL vice-president José Santos welcomed the fact that hoteliers are now associated with the agency, but regrets the lack of interest from restaurant owners.

“The city of Albufeira is increasingly more appealing and we are grateful for this financial boost which will allow us to be more pro-active,” said José Santos.