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Albufeira hit-and-run driver identified by police

A 41-year-old man suspected of being the driver of the car that made off after fatally injuring a Portuguese woman near Algarveshopping in the early hours of last Saturday morning has been identified by police, and his vehicle apprehended for forensic examination.

GNR police caught up with the man and one other as a result of eye-witness reports, writes noticiasaominuto.

As stories on this latest road fatality explained, the woman was hit and left dead on the notorious EN125 at 5.30am.

The precise nature of the timing indicated that eye-witnesses were involved.

Thus it was a case of the GNR following up descriptions.

Both men have been made ‘arguidos’ (official suspects), and have been ordered to remain within the area of their respective residences.

For now, no further details have been given on the dead woman’s identity, or why she came to be walking along the EN125 at such an early hour on Saturday morning.