Albufeira ghost town

Albufeira ghost town

Dear Editor,

According to very good sources, Albufeira is broke. Nothing new in these times. However, how they are handling things is another matter. For example, they have more than tripled esplanada fees in the winter months. God only knows about the summer rates! The municipal police are used to hunt fines not to provide much lacking security.

The Câmara received money from Lisbon to recuperate the beaches. Work to be done in four months until June. Ha Ha! Good luck! Again, this administration is ignoring the principal months of spring when the foreign tourists bring in the most money. Our very arrogant Mayor better realise that without bars and restaurants with outside seating and the foreign tourists to fill them, Albufeira will end up as a ghost town! Oops, sorry, we already are a ghost town!

Alison Backus

By email