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Albufeira funds projects in Cape Verde

ALBUFEIRA CÂMARA President, Desidério Silva, visited Ilha do Sal, in Cape Verde, recently to see the progress behind the plan of twinning the two municipalities.

On the first day of the visit, Desidério Silva attended the inauguration of the Casa do Pescador, a large investment in the region, 90 per cent of which was funded by Albufeira Câmara. The space generates numerous areas of support to fishermen and all those connected with the industry. In the ceremony, the Câmara President highlighted the benefits of this solid investment, which aims to promote those who are connected to the fishing industry.

Albufeira has already sponsored the construction of a recreational centre on the island, a fundamental installation for the area’s youngsters, who represent 60 per cent of the population. Desidério Silva also had the opportunity to see the result of various interventions, such as road modernisation as well as developments in sports and recreational activities. In addition to this, many social and cultural improvements, which have either been completed or are currently under development, were shown to the President. The last day of the visit was completed with the inauguration of four children’s playgrounds.

Desidério Silva expressed his satisfaction with the progress, concluding: “Albufeira is fulfilling its role in this twinning protocol. Ilha do Sal is making significant steps in relation to its development and is providing improvements to the quality of life of the citizens in this needy part of the world.”