Albufeira council warns beachgoers of cliff-fall dangers

In a bid to avoid further cliff tragedies, Albufeira council is promoting an awareness campaign this summer to keep beachgoers away from the base of cliffs.

Starting Tuesday (July 4) and until the end of August, the initiative will see members of the municipal civil protection services handing out pamphlets (in Portuguese and English) at local beaches that go into detail about why it is dangerous to ‘set up camp’ near cliffs.

As many readers may know, the Algarve’s cliffs have been a central safety issue ever since five people – including a family of four – were killed at the María Luísa beach in Albufeira in 2009 in a massive rock fall.

Since then, local authorities have promoted several awareness campaigns as well as controlled demolitions to reduce the risk of further cliff falls.

To download the pamphlet click here

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