Albufeira Council wants wells covered

Owners of disused and unprotected wells near public roads in the Albufeira area have been told to ensure they are maintained and covered or face a fine.

A ruling by the department of Municipal Civil Protection for Albufeira, in collaboration with the parish councils of the county, means owners must either build a wall at least 80 centimetres from ground level or seal the top of wells.

“When they are camouflaged by vegetation and have inappropriate protection they are real traps and represent a great danger for people and animals,” said Carlos Quentin, the councillor responsible for Civil Protection.

“It is therefore extremely important to raise awareness amongst landowners who own wells alongside the road, reminding them that it is a legal obligation.”

The move follows an assessment of the existing wells in the county.

Anyone not complying with the new Decree-Law 310/2002, which regulates this matter, faces a fine of between €80 and €150.

Further information can be obtained from Albufeira city hall – 289 599 556