Albufeira Council donates €400,000 to local firefighters

Albufeira Council donates €400,000 to local firefighters

Firefighters face “great financial difficulties”

Albufeira Council has donated €400,000 to the Humanitarian Association of Albufeira Volunteer Firefighters (AHBV) in what has been described as “necessary” financial aid to ensure the firefighting force remains operational.

“As a result of two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the AHBV has suffered great financial difficulties due to the reduced transportation of non-urgent patients, the restrictions limiting fund-raising events, the steep decline in individual and business donations, among other reasons,” the council says in a communiqué to the press.

The situation has been made “even worse” by the costs of purchasing pandemic-related items such as disinfectants and masks, salary increases and growing fuel prices.

“With the monetary support provided by the council, the volunteer firefighters will be able to increase their capacity to respond and be prepared for emergencies, remaining at the frontline in Albufeira and safeguarding the borough from the existing risks,” the council adds.

Albufeira Council donates €400,000 to local firefighters

Albufeira Mayor José Carlos Rolo expanded the council’s message of support even further, adding that the financial aid aims to support an institution of great value to the borough and its professionals, who have been “exemplary in their response to the demands of the population, even during these atypical years.”

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]