Albufeira could be in the dark

ALBUFEIRA’S ELECTRICITY supply could be compromised in the next few years unless advances are made towards completing the installation of the new electric substation in the Brejos region of Montechoro.

Electricity consumption in the area is increasing annually. The only reliable source of electricity, the Caliços substation, is overwhelmed with demand and cannot provide a complete, effective service to those who require electricity within the Albufeira region, especially during the summer months when consumption can triple.

In order to deal with this problem, Electricidade de Portugal (EDP) proposed a second substation in the Brejos area to decrease the demand to the substation in the eastern area of the city. The plan was approved by Albufeira Câmara, which then licensed the equipment and construction began. However, the câmara soon came across opposition within the community. Local inhabitants understand the necessity of the substation, but are concerned about possible health risks that this type of infrastructure can bring to those who live in close proximity to it.

After a year of construction, the Administrative Tribunal of Loulé instigated precautionary measures against EDP, Albufeira Câmara and the Regional Energy Management, to cease installation after listening to official complaints from neighbouring inhabitants.

The first decision to delay the work was contested by EDP, who now await the final decision from the Tribunal. An EDP spokesperson stated that “this new equipment is going to improve the quality of service to the consumer and resolve the problem of seasonal consumption, which increases considerably in the summer”.