Albufeira blows the whistle on “illegal” beach party

‘Sound Beach Party’ held at Falésia beach in Albufeira on Sunday, August 2, went ahead without municipal licensing, the council has confirmed.

“It was unlicensed and illegal. The party did not meet the council’s requirements in terms of noise levels,” councilman Fernando Anastácio told Público newspaper.

Besides reportedly attracting only half (5,000) of the expected party-goers, the event caused massive traffic jams, cut off access to part of the beach and even affected security norms at Faro Airport due to the “loud music and powerful lights”.

Still, party organisers went ahead with their plans using the licensing they received from the local captaincy and the Portuguese environment agency (APA).

The confusing licensing fiasco served at least one purpose, the councilman said. “It showed that there are conflicting responsibilities in terms of the coastline. And in this case the law was broken.”

In fact, GNR police are reported to have detected “six irregularities” at the event. But whether or not this will lead to any concrete consequences for the organisers remains to be seen.

Speaking to Público, organiser Francisco Rafael from Vilamoura nightclub Seven said he had been in talks with the council since February but never received a definitive response. Still, he admits that he only officially requested the licensing a few weeks before the event.