Alba dental health with new clinic in Algarve

Alba Clinic is a brand of the 32 Senses Group’s portfolio.

32 Senses Group was born as a viable investment by Inter-Risco, a Portuguese venture capital company in the dentistry field, about to acquire 150 clinics over a three-year period.

Founded in March 2011, the group opened its first clinic in July 2011 and already has more than 42 dental clinics throughout the country, operating in three distinct segments of the market: convenience, traditional and premium.

Alba dental health clinics are health units specialising in dentistry, created with your wellbeing and comfort in mind.

The most recent Alba Clinic to open is situated in Lagoa, providing you with modern facilities, innovative equipment and technology, as well as experienced and professional clinical staff, headed by Dr. Anne L. Swart.

The facility offers a solution that combines dental health from a credible health institution and the guarantee of personalised care by your dentist. A dentist who knows you and your family makes all the difference.

The clinical staff are Dr. Anne Swart, Dr Daniella Barrea, Dr. Henrique Fietz, Dr. Joaquim Martins and Hygienist Ana Palmilha.

Alba Clinics can be found in Braga, Porto, Figueira da Foz, Mafra, Lisboa, Évora and Algarve.

All you need to feel good.

For more information, please call +351 282 341 482, email [email protected] or pop into the clinic located at Largo Miguel Bombarda, Nº 2 R/chão, 8400 – 347 Lagoa.