dead fish in Ria Formosa

Alarm sounded over death of dozens of marine species at Ria Formosa

PAN is demanding an investigation

The People, Animals, and Nature Party (PAN) in the Algarve has called for an investigation into the death of dozens of marine species at the Manta Rota beach in Vila Nova de Cacela.

In a statement to the press, PAN Algarve has sounded the alarm over “the discovery of numerous dead fish and bivalves along the coastline, coupled with reports from the local community of a pervasive noxious odour in the area.”

This is not an isolated incident, the party says, citing a recent example of hundreds of dead fish and bivalves on Faro beach, at the entrance to Quinta do Lago, in 2022.

PAN is thus requesting a “thorough examination of the facts, whether they result from natural phenomena or human activities.”

“In August of this year, a green stain appeared in the Cabanas area (Tavira), identified by authorities as a cake dye, supposedly free of polluting properties. We aim to ascertain whether there is any correlation between this incident or other potential discharges and the recent deaths of dozens of fish and bivalves in this area of the estuary,” PAN Algarve says in the statement.

“We want to determine whether the occurrence can be attributed to natural phenomena, as explained by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) in the case of access to Faro Beach last year, and we urge the relevant authorities to take the necessary steps to clarify the facts,” PAN Algarve representative, Saúl Rosa, adds.

Says the party, getting to the bottom of this issue is fundamental due to the “significance of Ria Formosa, a vital wetland area for the region” which encompasses a series of “sandy islands within a lagoon system, which should be protected against any disruptive factors for local wildlife and flora.

“PAN has already submitted photographic evidence and videos to the relevant authorities, including the Maritime Police and its central command, as well as the Portuguese Environment Agency, among other entities. The seriousness of the situation raises serious concerns, both for us and the local population,” Rosa says.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]