Al-Mutamid Music Festival

news: Al-Mutamid Music Festival

The 13th Al-Mutamid Music Festival continues this month with performances in Lagos, Lagoa and Silves.

Taking to the stage of the Lagos Cultural Centre on February 15 is the Masmudi Kebir Ensemble with music and dance from Maghreb and the Middle East (Morocco – Syria – France). The group will perform at Lagoa’s Convento de São José the next day. Both performances start at 9.30pm

Masmudi Kebir is a rhythm of Egyptian classical music and also of Oriental dance music. Its origin dates back thousands of years, when only a few women were fortunate enough to dance before the gods in the ancient Egyptian temples, imploring favours.

With the Arab invasions, the sultans could grant privileges to those who stood out for their voluptuousness and beauty. The harem was inevitable for some of those women, who would later receive unimaginable gifts and favours. Later on, with the arrival of the Turks, this dance was technically improved without losing its magic, splendour and mystery.

On February 23, Emilio Villalba will play 10 instruments “with history” at the Teatro Gregório Mascarenhas in Silves at 9.30pm.

In this show, the artist presents his 10 instruments in detail and plays one theme with each instrument.

282 770 450 (Lagos)

282 380 434 (Lagoa)

282 440 800 (Silves)