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Al Gore documentary to be shown in Portugal

THE FILM documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, which deals with the campaign led by America’s former vice-president, Al Gore, concerning climatic change, will be shown in cinemas throughout Portugal from September 14.

In the film, Al Gore calls upon the world to face up to the serious global climatic crisis, which requires quick, brave and wise action. When President George W. Bush was asked if he intended to see the film, he responded “doubtful”.

The film, which has been directed by David Guggenheim, was released in the US in the spring and, up to August 13, had already taken 22 million dollars at the box office, which producers say is an almost unheard of amount for a documentary.

On September 12, two days prior to the film’s nationwide release, there will be a preview in Lisbon. The Resident’s Chris Graeme will be attending – see next week’s The Resident for a full report.