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Al Gore delivers environmental warning

FOLLOWING THE success of his documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, former US Vice President, Al Gore, visited Lisbon last week on his lecture trail.

The environmentalist, senator and best-selling author on climate change and the greenhouse effect, gave a two-hour long presentation to 600 distinguished guests from all walks of Portuguese political, business and scientific life.

Speaking at the Museum of Electricity, Gore gave a frightening projection of the world of tomorrow if mankind continued to burn fossil fuel at the alarming rate it is doing.

In what he termed as his final call to urge politicians to save the planet he said: “We have everything in our power that is necessary to do this, except the political will, but thankfully political will is a renewable resource.”

The lecture was packed with scientific data, facts, figures and dramatic images showing the consequences of climatic change – thousands of refugees fleeing from droughts and floods and millions of dollars of damage caused by extreme weather conditions such a floods, tornados and hurricanes.

“We need to react now, it’s our moral duty to for the sake of our children, grandchildren and the planet,” he said.

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