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Airports safety tax increased to €3.54 per passenger

Government sets new tax in State gazette

After a summer in which many airline passengers in and out of Portugal suffered untold ‘hell’ in the form of delays/ cancellations/ lost baggage , the government has decided to up the ‘airports safety tax’ to €3.54 per person.

The decision, in respect of airports integrated within the ANA S.A. network, has been set out in a new announcement published today in State gazette Diário da República.

The increase is to be applied to every passenger, “independent of their respective destination”.

This is the second increase this year. In February the tax was raised by just over a euro to €2.95, from its previous levy of €1.94.

The tax has been increased four times since 2014. It appears to “cover the economic cost of services provided by the airport manager at the airport under concession” (which are all the airports in Portugal).

Totting up the likely income, this suggests the economic costs of maintaining airport safety in Portugal run to well over €60 million.

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