Airport strike called by police for January 21

Airport strike called by police for January 21

“Movimento Zero” – made up of agents in the PSP and GNR police forces – has announced a strike by personnel attached to Portuguese airports (Lisbon, Faro, Porto, Funchal (Madeira) and points in the Azores) on January 21.

In a communiqué sent to Lusa news agency, the movement has called on its members to turn up in force to protest at the various airports to highlight grievances which all stem from what rank and file in the police forces’ consider to be a glaring lack of institutional consideration.

Movimento Zero seems to have decided on the strike as a way of forcing the government’s hand.

Said the statement it will go ahead “if the government, through the Ministry of Internal Administration, does not come up with a solution to demands”.

Thursday will see a meeting of syndicates to “decide forms of protest” for the day.

For now, the strike is being called “for an indeterminate period”, suggesting it will be more like a ‘work to rule’.

“We will not permit a new humiliation in São Bento (meaning parliament) with walls identical to those that surround criminals. We will not accept solutions being delayed, with the usual disdain…”said the statement.

Explain reports, among demands is the all for a ‘risk subsidy’ for agents, along with pay increases, increased recruitment and better equipment for personal protection.

The Ministry for Internal Administration has defined a “specific calendar” for dealing with syndicate demands, but this far negotiations have failed to reach any agreement.

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