Airport raises funds

An auction of confiscated items from Faro airport has raised 9,000 euros for the boys’ home Instituto D. Francisco Gomes, more commonly known as Casa dos Rapazes de Faro.

The funds raised will be used to refurbish an apartment to reintegrate boys aged 18 and above into society, as well as a home that was donated on Farol island that will be used during the holidays.

According to Faro’s airport director, António Mendes, the airport has the choice of either destroying confiscated items or auctioning them and donating the funds to a charity.

“The majority of people who pass through the airport are tourists and they don’t bother to return to collect confiscated items such as bottles or jars,” he said. “We chose the charitable option and to give to an institution that is good and improves the city.”

António Barão, director of the boys’ home, which currently has 60 boys aged between five and 18, said: “We are extremely grateful, and it is with these initiatives that we can create better conditions.” 

For more information about the Casa dos Rapazes, please visit the website, available in Portuguese only, at or telephone 289 880 710.