Airport plans for increase in passengers

FARO AIRPORT’S terminal and general area are to be expanded to cope with an expected doubling in passenger numbers over the next 40 years.

A management plan has been unveiled by Aeroportos de Portugal (ANA), which controls and manages the airports throughout the country, in the wake of the discovery that Lisbon airport had no more space to expand.

ANA directors have taken measures to avoid the same situation happening at other airports in the country by acquiring land surrounding them and implementing development plans in Faro, Porto and Ponta Delgada.Extensions to Faro airport area and terminal are expected to begin within the decade.

Faro airport’s plan runs until 2050, by which time annual passenger numbers are predicted to reach 15 million, more than double the current number, with 44 flights arriving and departing every hour.

New routes are being planned and attempts will be made to space out flights departing for the same destination throughout the day, in an effort to maximise passenger figures.

With more than five million passengers passing through the airport in 2006, Faro airport needs further investments.

Performance continues to surpass expectations, with January’s passenger figures up 13.4 per cent on the same month last year.

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