Airport hotel planned

A HOTEL could be constructed next to Faro airport in an effort to improve the facilities and services available for passengers.

The hotel forms part of ANA Aeroportos overall development plan for Faro International airport, which was presented to several local and regional entities last month.

The plan is still in its early stages but is part of the wider strategy to develop the airport’s infrastructure by 2050.

The meeting was attended by representatives from ANA, Faro Câmara, the Regional Tourism Board, the regional development commission (CCDR) and the Civil governor’s office.

The extension of the airport terminal is also part of the plans to be developed by 2050 but ANA representatives said that they do not want the mistakes at Lisbon airport to be repeated at Faro.

A lack of space around Lisbon airport and its development over the years in terms of passenger numbers has resulted in the need to construct a new airport to support demand.

Had there been more space around the existing airport, the new airport at Alcochete may not have been necessary and it would have saved millions of euros.

For this reason, ANA is being more cautious about expansion plans and the types of services and infrastructures that will be installed.

Faro airport’s strategy is to increase passenger numbers to six million by 2012 but some predict that emergency changes may be necessary if the current growth rate continues as the airport surpassed 5.5 million passengers in 2007.

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