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Airport flying high

AROUND 5.4 million passengers travelled through Faro airport in 2007, which is a 7.4 per cent rise from the previous year, but many organisational issues persist for some airlines operating there.

Low cost airline easyJet accounted for 16 per cent of the total passengers at Faro airport last year, which is a total of 863,468 people. The airline also reported an annual growth of 17.4 per cent from 2006 at Faro airport.

The largest market growth in passengers in 2007 was Germany with a growth of 20.5 per cent, followed by Holland with a rise of 6.5 per cent from 2006.

According to the regional tourism board (RTA), of the 10 main airlines operating from the airport, only TAP recorded a reduction in passenger numbers with a 22.7 per cent drop. The airline was placed last in a European wide study for the most delays and lost baggage.

The Association of European Airlines’ study concluded that only 59.5 and 62.5 per cent of TAP’s arrivals and departures, respectively, are on schedule.

Topping the list was Luxemburg airline, Luxair, with 86.8 and 88.1 per cent of on schedule arrivals and departures, respectively. However, UK based British Airways was placed 25th of the 28 airlines evaluated in these categories as part of the study.

TAP also came last in the category for incidence of lost luggage, with 27.8 bags being lost or misplaced for every thousand passengers.

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