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Airport chaos

Dear Editor,

Regarding your story on airport chaos (Algarve Resident, November 4), I would like you to know what my wife and myself experienced on Wednesday October 26.

We arrived at the airport at 3pm for our Ryanair flight to Stansted Airport UK RY9283 1710.

We were told to go to car park 4 and wait to be called to a bus to take us to check in at the rear of the airport.

At 5pm, having to stand the whole time, we were ushered to a bus as the weather was getting worse (rain and wind) where we were left for a further hour before we managed to check in and were led to a gate to wait to board the plane.

At 8pm we boarded the plane only to be told there was a delay due to the weather and at 11pm were told the flight was cancelled. We were taken by bus to the arrivals hall which is where the worst of the damage was to wait to be told what was happening to us.

Inside the hall there was water and debris everywhere and hundreds of confused passengers and no one from Ryanair or the airport staff to advise us. Fearing more damage to this part of the airport we took the decision to return to the car park and hire a car to return to our house in Praia Verde.

It has taken us a week to get a flight home at great expense and feel that the treatment we received at the airport was nothing less than scandalous in respect of health and safety.

I would like you to inform Faro Airport of this as I cannot find a complaints department to send my concerns.  

Keith Ricketts, by email