Airlines increase fares

news: Airlines increase fares

Portuguese airlines TAP, Portugália and Air Luxor have announced an increase in fares, in order to offset the increase in world petrol prices.

The increases came into effect on August 23 for TAP and Portugália airlines, but Air Luxor increased its prices two weeks ago. In so doing, Portuguese airlines are following the example of other European competitors such as Air France, KLM, British Airways, Lufthansa and SAS, who have already put up fares. Airlines have justified the measure by pointing to the increase in world petroleum prices and claim that the fuel surcharge will be withdrawn when the price of crude falls.

TAP will increase the tariffs on average length flights by three euros per journey (or six euros on a return flight), while for long-haul flights fares will increase seven euros per journey (14 euros for a return journey). Portugália increased tariffs by three euros for each journey (six euros on a return flight) on all its flights. Neither TAP nor Air Luxor will increase prices for internal flights.