Airline passengers entering Germany from Portugal must show ‘double negative test’ from Saturday

Portugal has joined Germany’s ‘countries with high incidence of Covid’ blacklist, meaning anyone flying from Portugal to Germany after 11pm on Saturday (or 00.00 hours Sunday German time) will have to present a ‘double negative test’ to enter the country.

Logistically, this means passengers will have to show a negative Covid test taken up to 48-hours before travelling, and then undergo a second test on the fifth day of quarantine.

Breaking the news this evening, Lusa hasn’t explained exactly what will happen to anyone proving positive in the second test, but it would ensure they do not leave wherever it is that they are serving out their quarantine.

Germany has included another 19 countries in this ‘high incidence’ group. They are Albania, Andorra, Bolivia, Bosnia, Egypt, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, the USA, Estonia, Iran, Israel, Colombia, Kosovo, Latvia, the Lebanon, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Panama, the Czech Republic and Palestinian Territories. 

Germany already enforces the double negative test requirement on countries running Covid variants. These, for the time being, are: Brazil, the United Kingdom and South Africa.