AirHelp helps air passengers get compensation for delayed and cancelled flights

Online legal service and mobile app AirHelp has warned that most air travellers in Portugal are unaware that they are entitled to up to €600 of compensation when their flight is delayed or cancelled.

In the summer of 2014 alone, passengers at Faro Airport were entitled to receive over €8 million in compensation, according to the Danish start-up company.

“It’s important people know that when their flight is delayed or cancelled, they are entitled to much more than just a sandwich voucher,” Maria Tavares, the company’s representative in Portugal, told Barlavento newspaper.

The company represents their clients in their bids for compensation. If their clients win, AirHelp keeps 25% of the compensation payout.

“We only keep the money when our clients are compensated. The risk is always on our side,” Tavares told the newspaper.

Citing European laws, Tavares said that passengers are usually entitled to around €400 in compensation, or up to €600 when it comes to longer flights and a number of other factors. Complaints can be filed up to three years after the delayed or cancelled flight.

Exceptions include situations that could not be foreseen, such as unexpected bad weather or technical problems with the aircrafts.

AirHelp is available online at or via a free downloadable App for mobile phones.