Air travel ‘chaos’ as French air traffic controllers go on strike for second time in two weeks

Anyone travelling over the next few days should check flight online information as French air traffic controllers are yet again on strike, affecting hundreds of flights throughout Europe.

What should be industrial action affecting flights to and from France has rapidly spread to all flights passing through French airspace.

As the UK’s Telegraph reports, Ryanair has cancelled more than 90 flights, easyJet ‘dozens’ while the IAG group of airlines, which includes British Airways, has grounded “around 50, so far”.

Ryanair complains the EU should be acting to prevent “a tiny French union” from holding Europe to ransom, adds the paper.

Flights in and out of Lisbon and Porto have seen “at least 11 cancellations” today while delays are expected to be widespread and are already affecting flights to Faro in the Algarve.

The chaos is destined to continue well into tomorrow, thus passengers are all being advised to recheck schedules with their carriers.

The strike – French traffic controllers’ 43rd in just seven years – is over staffing levels. The UNSA-ICNA union claims personnel are being consistently cut back at the expense of safety.

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