Image: Bruno Filipe Pires (from Wednesday)

Air support back over Quinta do Lago as fire reignites near Conrad Hotel

Air support is back over Quinta do Lago this afternoon after a reignition in one of the many hot spots left from Wednesday blazes.

Two planes and two helicopters were scrambled at 1.30pm.

Updates to come.

There is talk of closing the nearby fuel filling station “for questions of safety”. Indeed, this appears to have happened, to two filling stations.

The Alerta Incéndio Florestal/ Forest Fire Alert Facebook page, followed by so many during the fire season, has just announced: “There has been a flare up in the Gambelas/Quinta do Lago fire. It is now showing as active again on ProCiv. For updates on numbers please see the original Gambelas fire post below. For all other comments post here”.

One of the comments following says: “Houses at risk . Neighbours fighting fire with garden hoses“.

Another has written: “I have a friend that lives there, it has gone past Vitacress and IBC. Wind is pushing towards Almancil” – meaning yet again this fire that caused so much anxiety on Wednesday is roaring back into life.

A recent photo, also posted online: