Air Force sergeant identified as Caparica plane horror victim

With the flyers responsible bailed pending a court hearing for negligent homicide, the second victim of Wednesday’s Caparica plane horror has been named – to the absolute shock of all those who knew him.

José Lima, 56, was none other than a reserve Air Force sergeant.

For him to die as a result of a plane hitting him as he lay on his local beach is simply too bizarre for friends and family to imagine.

Said one taking to social media: “The irony of destiny… an Air Force sergeant enjoying his rights as a reservist, next to those with whom he always wanted to be, on his beach, by the sea… is run over by a plane!!!”

Lima’s funeral is due to go ahead tomorrow (Saturday) in Viseu, reports Correio da Manhã, as is that of eight-year-old Sofia, whose grief-stricken family has asked for privacy as they attempt to come to terms with the horrific outcome of what should have been a happy day at the beach (click here).

Meantime, pilot instructor Carlos Conde de Almeida and his pupil Rui Relvas have been constituted “arguidos” for negligent homicide – meaning they are now “official suspects” in a case that will be decided in court.

The two men were heard by DCIAP prosecutor Teresa Sanchez at Almada court yesterday in an interrogation process that took several hours.

The wrangle over whether or not the pilot should have landed at sea continues, with experienced flyers explaining that sea-landings, though more likely to save innocent lives, put flyers’ own chances of survival at increased risk.

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