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Air conditioning and solar solutions

SACL, SPECIALISTS in air conditioning, solar systems and heating, was set up by John Woodhams almost 20 years ago.

Over the years, the company has witnessed and helped facilitate the move from fossil fuelled heating systems to greener solutions while also installing the traditional heating and air conditioning systems in the Algarve.

As a trained air conditioning engineer, John Woodhams, who is now chairman of SACL, began by installing systems in the Algarve. However, the company has diversified and now deals with many other products including solar systems, under floor heating, pool heaters and pool covers.

SACL is responsible for the installation and maintenance and also the importation and distribution of parts and systems throughout Portugal and Europe.

Only the best products are used by the company and materials for use in the Algarve are sourced from Australia, Germany, Belgium and the US.

Sunny Algarve

Government incentives in Portugal mean that any solar systems or pumps run on solar energy are only charged at 12 per cent IVA because of their energy saving potential; this has led to an increase in environmentally friendly products being chosen by their customers.

Solar systems are now coming down in price and becoming the first choice of those either building new villas or refurbishing old ones.  “We have the technology so let’s use the sun we have here in the Algarve”, said John Woodhams.

SACL will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in business on May 17 and are planning a variety of promotions surrounding this, so look out for announcements in The Resident for further details.

For more information visit the SACL showroom at Vale de Lousas on the EN125, Alcantarilha.  Alternatively call 282 314 190, fax 282 314 191 or email [email protected]. Advice is available in English, Portuguese and Dutch.