AHETA to continue to defend Algarve tourism

A general assembly meeting of AHETA, the association of hotels and resorts in the Algarve, which saw many members of the board being reappointed to their positions, also outlined the commitment of the association to promoting tourism in the Algarve and the importance of the industry on a national level.

Elidérico Viegas was re-elected as the president of AHETA, while many of the other members of the association were also reappointed to their posts following the general assembly election on May 26.

During the meeting, the aims of the association were discussed, where it was decided that AHETA should continue to defend the interests of its members, namely members of the tourism industry in the Algarve, while also working towards creating conditions to restore the levels of competitiveness for business in the Algarve.

In a statement to the Algarve Resident, a spokesman for AHETA said: “We will continue to submit concrete proposals to the relevant agencies, including the government, to try to increase productivity through training in business, tax relief and the creation of credit lines for businesses.

“The reality of the Algarve tourism market is that it requires the definitive recognition of its economic and social importance to the Portuguese economy and, with this in mind, we must protect businesses by calling for radical changes in tourism policy in the region.”

The strengthening of tourism in the Algarve is seen as being key to helping the general economic situation in Portugal and AHETA have pledged to continue to try and “enhance the dialogue” between entities including the Regional Tourism Authority (ERTA) and the Portugal Tourism Board.