Águas do Algarve in charge of region’s water until 2048

Águas do Algarve in charge of region’s water until 2048

Regional water company Águas do Algarve and the Portuguese government signed a contract last week granting the company management of the region’s water supply and sanitation for the next 30 years.

The moment has been described as “historic” by AdA president Joaquim Peres, who says that the contract will allow the company to plan important investments to the tune of around “€300 million” and maintain and renovate existing infrastructures while also trying to keep the Algarve’s water tariffs untouched.

Speaking to Lusa news agency, Peres recalled the not-so-distant times in the Algarve when you weren’t sure what would come out of the tap.

“Fifteen years ago in the Algarve, you’d open the tap in the middle of the afternoon and many times nothing would come out, and the quality of the water that did was dubious and sometimes unusable. These days this is unthinkable,” he told Lusa.

The president of AdA said this change in quality was only possible when the Algarve’s municipalities had the “courage to join forces and try to solve this issue” by creating the company.

Now with the guarantee that the company has control over the Algarve’s water until 2048, Peres said that “an important step has been taken towards the development of the region and its credibility abroad”.

Said the water chief, this is not only about the quality of the water that comes out of the tap but also the water that is treated at the region’s wastewater plants.

“The need to maintain our beaches’ Blue Flags is extremely important,” he said, stressing the Algarve’s role as Portugal’s main tourism destination.

Impeccable water quality is also essential for the region’s shellfishfishermen, said Peres, especially in areas such as Ria Formosa where complaints about contaminated waters have been a recurring issue.

In a statement sent out to the press after the contract was signed, AdA said the main goals for the next 30 years are to “face climate change and drought, enable the company financially in order to invest, conservate and renovate infrastructures, increase the company’s coverage and service, improve quality and performance and invest in innovation and technology”.

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Águas do Algarve in charge of region’s water until 2048

Águas do Algarve in charge of region’s water until 2048