Águas do Algarve donates €20,000 to regional hospitals

Algarve water company Águas do Algarve has made a €20,000 donation to the region’s university hospital centre (CHUA) to help purchase protective equipment for health professionals.

In a statement to the press, AdA spokesperson Teresa Fernandes highlighted how important it is to ensure health professionals are protected as they are “more exposed to infection and have a critical role in identifying and managing Covid-19 cases”.

The money will be used to purchase masks, gloves and surgical gowns which offer protection against the novel coronavirus.

“Health professionals should be protected before any of us, as they are part of the basic response structure to this worldwide pandemic,” said Fernandes.

“We are aware of the social responsibility that is needed in these special circumstances. It is essential that we all remain united in this fight and help those who work every day to save lives.”

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