Monchique Natura

Água Monchique launches new 100% recyclable bottle without labels

The new bottle is entirely produced with recycled PET to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Aligned with the ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, Água Monchique launches Monchique Natura. The new bottle, without labels, is made entirely from recycled PET (rPET) and is 100% recyclable, which will avoid using 19 tonnes of virgin PET for every million Monchique Natura bottles produced.

«A bottle entirely produced from other bottles and where we replace labels with embossing on the bottle itself, further minimising the impact of our operation on the environment and pursuing a strategy based on promoting an actual circular economy.

Monchique Natura is yet another milestone that aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, continually investing in innovation and marked by audacity», highlights Vítor Hugo Gonçalves, CEO of the Sociedade da Água de Monchique.

Monchique Natura is an innovation in Portugal. It is the first Iberian bottle and one of the first in the world to reach the market without labels. The traditional labels were replaced with embossing on the packaging to facilitate the recycling process. The lid remains red and will be fixed to the bottle to ensure the two components are recycled together at the end of their life cycle.

The innovative bottle will be available in 555ml and six-packs in eco-friendly packaging made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard. The bottle’s arrival on the market is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2023 and will initially only be available at the Monchique Store.

Monchique Natura joins a set of other solutions Água Monchique has been introducing «in the relentless search for the best practices to make our business model more sustainable and that are based mainly on circular economy models», stresses Vítor Hugo Gonçalves.

Among the sustainable innovations the brand has been adopting, the highlights are the fact that all PET bottles contain 30% rPET since 2020, the release of the first 100% recycled bottle, the 100% Eco Sports bottle, the incorporation of 30 % of recycled glass in the glass bottle line and the 10L Monchique EcoPack, which reduces the use of plastic by 63%, when compared to two 5L bottles, among many others.

«Sustainability will remain at the centre of our activity, and Água Monchique will keep its promise to contribute to improving the lives of current and future generations», highlights the manager.

«A World without Labels» inspires Monchique Natura campaign

Monchique Natura.2
“A World without labels is more tolerant” – Ana Lima, plus-size model

A unique product must be launched with a unique communication campaign. Supported by the claim «A World Without Labels», focusing on five life stories that go beyond the labels that society imposes, this campaign, more than presenting a product to the market, «wants to raise awareness of the value of inclusion in a society that should be free of prejudice», says Vítor Hugo Gonçalves.

Actor and author of the book «Nothing Is Impossible», Paulo Azevedo, plus-size model Ana Lima, boxing coach Sandro Borges, creator of the OncoGlam magazine, Beatriz Viegas and dancer Kimberley Ribeiro are the voice and face of the values that the brand intends to reinforce with this campaign: equality and individual appreciation, respecting each person’s choices and differences.

The campaign aims to bring about changes in mentality, “creating an association between the bottle without labels and the gesture of looking at people without prejudice, without judgments and taboos”, says the CEO.

«The campaign’s objective aligns with the values and principles we have always advocated. We thank the five Monchique Lovers, true brand ambassadors, who have given us the honour of sharing their inspiring testimony. We want to continue to be different and contribute to a society free of labels. As a socially sustainable brand, this is also one of our missions», highlights Vítor Hugo Gonçalves.

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“A World without labels is more inclusive” – Paulo Azevedo, actor and motivational speaker