Aggressor likely to face trial

Following the death of Algarve resident Jim Player, allegedly from injuries sustained during an altercation in May, police told The Resident that they will now liaise with his family and inform Loulé Court, where the aggressor is likely to be tried.

Jim Player is believed to have died as a result of head injuries sustained during an altercation with a man on May 7 in Almancil.

He battled for six months but eventually succumbed to pneumonia and neurological complications and died on November 18 in the Santa Maria hospital in Faro.

One suspect

The police said they could not officially confirm the identity of the assailant, although they did confirm that there was only one suspect and he had been identified by police.

A police spokesman added that they had not been informed about the death of Jim Player and Almancil GNR officers would confirm this information with the family.

After confirmation is given, the GNR will inform the court, which is in possession of the police report on the incident, “and it is up to the magistrate to order an arrest and charge the suspect”, said the spokesman.

He said: “It is up to the court to understand the cause of death from the autopsy report. The suspect has been identified and as there has been a death, someone has to be held responsible for it. It is up to the court to deliberate on the charges against the suspect.”

The suspect could potentially be charged with manslaughter.

At the time The Resident went to press, the Player family had not been contacted by the police with any information about the developments of the investigation.

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