Aggression marks controversial return of Miguel Relvas

The controversial return to political life of disgraced former government minister Miguel Relvas was marked by an extraordinary scene of uncontrolled aggression last week.
PSD assessor José Mendonça had just shaken Relvas’ hand, as the latter made his way into the national council, when photographer Paulo Spranger overstepped the press boundary to snap a photo. Mendonça turned round and kicked the photographer smartly in the back of the leg.
As the clearly bemused photographer recovered his balance, Mendonça pushed him back to the press area. It was a split second faux-pas, but enough to be beamed across the nation’s news services and leave onlookers perplexed.
Seemingly from videos taken of the ugly moment, Relvas walked on unaware.
Grilled by news services following the assault, Mendonça admitted it was a “moment of dyscontrol” and that he had apologised to Paulo Spranger, who had accepted his apology.
Miguel Relvas was recently nominated to head the PSD party’s national council by PM Passos Coelho.
Best known for reportedly having obtained, at age 47, a university degree without taking any classes or exams, Relvas has also been associated with a number of political scandals.