After coronavirus: Algarve among top places to live and retire for US citizens

The Algarve has been singled out by Forbes magazine as one of the best destinations in the world to “live and retire overseas” after the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

“Eventually, Covid-19 will be contained, and global markets and economies will recover. But the experience of having lived through this challenging period will leave us with a reinforced and maybe a reinvented understanding of what matters most in life,” writes Kathleen Peddicord, a Forbes contributor who has been covering living and investing overseas for more than 30 years.

Peddicord says that everyone has a moment now to “regroup what we’d like our lives to look like and to connect the dots between our ideal lifestyle and the top choices for the best places to think about spending time and money overseas”.

“You may not want or be able to hop on a plane to explore these destinations in person today, but, again, our current circumstances are temporary,” she adds.

Appearing alongside Mazatlan (Mexico) and Cayo (Belize), the Algarve is the first to be featured on the list.

Peddicord tells her readers that if they choose the Algarve, they could “wake every morning to the sound of local fishermen announcing the morning’s catch and the soft chimes of bicycle bells signalling the start of the daily commute”.

Also highlighted is the region’s “year-round sunshine, safety, good infrastructure, international standard health care, golf, great beaches, affordable cost of living, the fact that English is widely spoken, healthy living and retiree residency”.

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Photo: iStock/Daliu