Isabel dos Santos

Africa’s richest woman accuses Portugal of ‘acting illegally’

Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s ‘richest woman’ – recently pilloried in the international press over allegations that she came by her wealth at the expense of the Angolan people (click here) – believes Portugal has been acting illegally in complying with letters rogatory ordering the seizure of her assets in this country.

An official source for Ms dos Santos – whereabouts unknown – claims she has been ‘prevented’ from defending herself in the eyes of the law.

Information that neither she nor her lawyers have seen has been supplied to the media, said the source, who adds that “it is strange that in the 21st century a State of democratic law unquestionably complies with any request from foreign judicial authorities”.

The source stressed that Portuguese powers-that-be have failed to appreciate the consequences for economy of impounding Ms dos Santos business dealings, bank accounts etc.

The effects will extend to affecting people’s livelihoods and the future of business ventures.

To make matters worse repeated communications to the Attorney General’s office, maintaining a similar line of protest, have remained unanswered.

Says Jornal i, since the media brouhaha focusing on Ms dos Santos’ business empire, the former first daughter of Angola (her father was president for 37 years), has been relinquishing all the positions she held in Portuguese companies.

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