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Africa to inspire Algarve artists

FOLLOWING THE success of a trip to Africa for artists in April (see The Resident February 23) organised by BJ Boulter and Gaelle Hamp-Adams, another journey has been planned for April 2008.

Although the trip is mainly geared towards artists, it is open to anyone who has a passion for photography, film making or other artistic media and, with breathtaking views and inspirational surroundings, the trip promises to open artistic minds and broaden horizons.

According to BJ Boulter, the journey this year was enjoyed by all and she and Gaelle were keen to continue the tradition.

Included in the safari are trips to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and the Serengeti, as well as an opportunity to visit Zanzibar. An integral part of the safari is taking the opportunity to capture the animals in the wild on paper or in verse and visiting the local tribes-people.

Gaelle, who is a renowned Algarve artist, will be on the trip to encourage freedom of expression and fine tune visual perceptions, while BJ, with her knowledge of the local area and language, will help to create real African experiences.

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