AFPOP has a new president

news: AFPOP has a new president

Pat has been unwell for some time and, on medical advice, is taking time to regain her health. She was sad to have to stand down, as she told her colleagues of the Management Council (MC) at a recent meeting: “I was very proud to have been elected president of the MC and looked forward to helping AFPOP to continue with its growth and modernisation. I am sad to have to step down midterm but my health must come first. I am confident that the new president will continue to move the association forward and I give him my full support.” Pat will be staying on as an MC member but will be taking a break from activity until the New Year.

Christopher, who was the AFPOP’s Treasurer until recently, was behind many of the changes and initiatives that have taken place over the last three years. He says: “I am sorry that Pat’s ill health has caused her to step down and I thank her for the work that she has done since March of this year. AFPOP is growing steadily, with the aim of providing an ever improving range and depth of benefits to its members. As one of the architects of the changes that are taking place, I am committed to carrying on the process. I am grateful for my MC colleagues’ confidence in my ability and look forward to working with them and with our Chief Executive Officer, Michael Reeve, in modernising and expanding the work that AFPOP does for its members.”

Michael Reeve echoed these sentiments: “I wish Pat a speedy return to full health and thank her for the hard work that she put in over the last seven months. It can be unsettling to change president in mid stream but, as I have worked with Chris for the last two-and-a-half years, I am confident that we shall work well together, to carry on what has been started in AFPOP.”