afpop/euroFINESCO host 24th IRS Tax Seminars

afpop/euroFINESCO host 24th IRS Tax Seminars

The annual afpop Tax Seminars in association with euroFinesco will take place in March. These seminars come at a very opportune time for all those who are obliged to issue a tax declaration in Portugal for the past tax year (2019) and for 2020 and future years.

These seminars provide the information which residents in Portugal and people moving to Portugal need to know about their individual obligations for presenting their tax declarations to the Finanças; the tax rates and deductions and credits that are available; ways to submit annual declarations; double taxation treaties; the penalties for either false declaration or late submissions; and upcoming changes in legislation which may be imposed.

For the 24th consecutive year, the presenters from euroFinesco are there to give impartial advice about all matters to do with individual taxation. They will answer questions which are considered of general interest in the open forum and will also be available to give more specific personal advice, after the group session has been completed. Where such advice requires euroFinesco to undertake enquiries on behalf of the individual, this would have to be done on a professional basis outside of the seminar.

The dates and times for the seminars are:
Tuesday, March 3 – Boavista Golf Clubhouse, Lagos (registration 10.30am, presentation 11am)
Friday, March 6 – Real Marina Hotel and Spa, Olhão (registration 10.30am, presentation 11am)
Wednesday, March 11 – Conrad Hotel, Quinta do Lago (registration 10.30am, presentation 11am)
Friday, March 20 – Hotel Baía, Cascais (registration 12 noon, presentation 12.30am)

Attendance at the seminars will cost €15 for afpop members (€5 for a second member per booking) and €30 for non-members. The fee includes a copy of the euroFINESCO Portuguese IRS Individual Income Tax Return booklet for the fiscal year 2019.

For people who have any doubts about their legal obligations, or who have concerns about their ability to complete their tax return without guidance, the afpop Tax Seminars are considered essential. For those people who cannot attend but would like the information, the packs will be available after the event at the cost of seminar attendance.

The seminars are open to all. Bookings for these seminars can be made by email to [email protected] or by phoning the afpop office on 282 458 509. A registration form can also be completed on the website

When booking, it is required that you give your name, afpop membership number if applicable, number attending and choice of venue. Payment can be made in advance by cheque or bank transfer, or in cash at the seminar registration on the day.

More information and directions to the venues can be obtained from the afpop office [email protected]