AFPOP – euroFINESCO Estate Planning Seminar

AFPOP, IN conjunction with euroFINESCO, will be providing a seminar on the important subject of Cross Border Estate Planning on Wednesday November 16 in the Albufeira area.

The process of Estate Planning for foreign residents, with assets and heirs in different jurisdictions, can often be complex and requires particular attention to structure and detail. Such issues as Succession of Assets; Family Situations and Inheritance Tax need to be understood and addressed.

Dennis Swing-Greene of euroFINESCO explains; “Everyone has an estate plan, whether they know it or not.Just because you may think that you have no plan – because you have not made out a will or other provisions – you still have a plan.It is simply one that is dictated by the laws of the country where your assets are domiciled at the time of your death.”

Where to begin?

Like any complicated task, it is best to take things one step at a time: start with your situation here in Portugal. To help you in this endeavour, AFPOP is sponsoring a seminar on Cross Border Estate Planning.Presented by the experts from euroFINESCO, this forum is designed to give an overview of Inheritance and Succession in the EU with particular focus on Portuguese Residents: the Law, the Options and the Practice.

The cost is 15 euros to AFPOP members and 30 euros to non-members. This is a complex subject and, if you are not already secure in the knowledge that you have prepared well for the future, can you afford not to be there?

To reserve your place please contact the AFPOP office, either by telephone on 282 458 509 or by e-mailing [email protected].

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