Aeroplanes disturbing Quinta do Lago residents

JOSÉ MENDES BOTA, the MP for the Faro District, is calling on the Instituto Nacional da Aviação Civil, the national institute for civil aviation, to solve a problem that is tormenting one of the most emblematic resorts in the Algarve: the excessive noise caused by aeroplanes flying at a low altitude over the luxury coastal resort of Quinta do Lago.

In a letter directed at parliament, of which The Resident has received a copy, Mendes Bota points out that “the Quinta do Lago area is one of the best examples of high quality residential tourism that exists in Portugal, and is capable of attracting important investors. This is a resort that contributes very positively to the exterior image of the Algarve and of the country in general”. Therefore, he says: “It is necessary to protect this area, its safety and tranquillity – indispensable for a perfect balance between the development and the environment.”

The MP continues: “Following a period in which it was possible to maintain the take off and landing routes of planes departing and arriving at Faro airport, which avoided the perimeter of Quinta do Lago, the situation has not been controlled recently, and this has caused great inconvenience to tourists and residents, especially in the beach area. The lack of control is causing terrible overhead aircraft noise, very regularly, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Following a significant number of complaints about the problem, the MP is currently making every effort to have the situation corrected.