Advertising Algarve attractions

Portugal’s main tourist destination, the Algarve, is being promoted simultaneously on three of the most prestigious European television channels – CNN International, BBC World and Eurosport. The latest campaign, which will run until December 15, is a venture that the Algarve Tourist Association (ATA) hopes will increase tourist numbers during the low season.

With a global investment of 600,000 euros and a total of 1,237 ‘Algarve Todo o Ano’ (Algarve all year) spots, the campaign is designed to reinforce the ‘year round’ message already in place in the region’s main tourism markets. The ads, which went on air on November 1, show the Algarve as an exclusive, diverse destination.

The six-week campaign on CNN International will broadcast images of the region to more than 107 million homes, and will even be seen in the Middle East and the African continent.

BBC World will broadcast the ads to 114.3 million homes all around the world, of which 75.5 million are in Europe. Around 12.9 per cent of BBC World viewers frequently travel, and more than 26 per cent enjoy three or more holidays a year, 19 per cent of which are to sunny holiday destinations.

The Eurosport campaign has been in progress since April of this year, and will be boosted with more than 55 spots broadcast between November 2 and December 5. Eurosport reaches 93 million homes, which represents an audience of 250 million viewers in a total of 54 countries.