Adventure trip challenges youngsters

news: Adventure trip challenges youngsters

THE RESIDENT took a trip up north to Moita-dos-Ferreiros, near Bombarral, last week to catch up with students from Lisbon’s International Preparatory School, who were on a three-day adventure training holiday at Quinta Aventruz.

As we arrived, the students were assembling into groups for the second day’s activities, which included games, cycling, tower rock climbing, aerial slide and much more. It was amazing to see the young girls easily beating the boys at tower rock climbing! The activity aims to help boost confidence and leadership, and more than half managed to reach the top of the 25-metre tower.

After saddle and handlebar adjustments, the cyclists were ready for their track cycling around the huge Quinta. By the end of the second day, there were some exhausted students climbing early into bed.

Quinta Aventruz offers the following activities: rock climbing, aerial slide, rappelling, paint ball, canoeing, cycling and air rifle shooting. Find out more at Bob Hughes