Vitra Clinic

Advanced dentistry for all

In the past 20 years, the world has changed and so has dentistry.

Predictability and comfort became the horizons of this “new” old medical specialty. As in many other areas of expertise, whether medical or not, it became impossible for one doctor to reach for every field of scientifical and clinical knowledge.

Those times when one doctor could give an answer to all challenges, whether a simple tooth filling, an implant or an orthodontic treatment, are gone. The world demands for higher standards of care, and specialisation is the only way to achieve it.

At Vitra Clinic, our most valuable asset is our team and we’re proud to cover all aspects of modern dentistry with dedicated, highly skilled doctors and dental nurses.

We care about families, we care about the special demands of everyone from children (with a dedicated paediatric dentistry area) to adults, elders and those with special needs or reduced mobility. Most of all, we want to provide the best treatment with the most comfort.

Also, we know that time is precious, so we designed a clinic where people can find dedicated dentists in all fields of dentistry in just one space.

Vitra Clinic is owned by doctors, managed by doctors, and the secret of our success is the passion and care we put in everything we do.

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